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Art By Tolpo Artist
Art By Tolpo Artist

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                         By  Carl Tolpo                                                                                                                         By Lily Tolpo 

   In  Memoriam  (1917 - 2015 )        

"Beauty and Ugliness are the same unless recognized" ~ Lily Tolpo   

 President Abraham Lincoln Heroic Head

 Lincoln and Douglas in Debate Monument 


Lincoln and Douglas in Debate   by Lily Tolpo              Tabletop Bronze     Click to Order and More...

First Group Debate Statue , 1858, Freeport, IL


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Mary Todd Lincoln

Ulysses S. Grant

Julia Grant

Stephen Douglas








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Ford's Theatre Museum, Washington, D.C.     


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Abraham Lincoln

Heroic Head



Relief Sculpture





Yellowstone National Park Collectible

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Yellowstone National Park Art

Collectible Yellowstone Prints    

     Print Item: YPC 1953  Grand Canyon and Lower Fall of the Yellowstone by Carl Tolpo

American Western Painting  

Paintings en plein air of Yellowstone Grand Canyon,

painted entirely on location .  

In 2011, the National Park Service officially requested Yellowstone art by Tolpo to insure representation in the Park’s collections.

In 1977, Director,  Buffalo Bill Historical Center:  “ magnificent work.”  



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Dedicated to art by Carl Tolpo and Lily Tolpo

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Presidential Abraham Lincoln   by Carl Tolpo                    Bronze Heroic Head          Click to Order and More...

Words from the artist about painting (1934-1975) in Yellowstone National Park:

“ The eternal forces...display, in repose,

their indubitable supremacy over all things material... a grand disposition of noble serenity

- the serenity of the Master Mind of the ages!” -Carl Tolpo  


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